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by @levelsio

Qr Startup Ideas

2 years ago

A New York-based startup that sells t-shirts that have a QR code embedded on them to track where the item was shipped.

2 years ago

A startup that lets you take a picture of a QR code, plug it in to the service of your choice, and automatically get an email with the link to a website that explains the code.

2 years ago

A system that allows people to request items from businesses by scanning a QR code and sharing the results on social media

2 years ago

A company that uses a patented optical-recognition technology to read barcodes and replace QR codes.

2 years ago

A mobile app that allows consumers to pay bills by scanning QR codes or barcodes.

2 years ago

Future of Food is building an API that will allow food manufacturers to build custom labels for their products, allowing buyers to scan a QR code along with their smartphone and get product details and pricing.

2 years ago

A mobile payment platform that partners with existing retailers to offer secure, easy payment solutions. Its technology is based on the QR code, and the company says its product is more secure than the current “contactless” payment methods.

1 year ago

A payment app that allows users to scan QR codes with the phone’s camera and pay the bill with a single click.

2 years ago

A startup that turns the receipt from a restaurant into a QR code. The startup is looking to turn receipts into a way to promote restos and one-off experiences.

1 year ago

A “sticker printer” that prints QR codes to open apps on phones.

1 year ago

A company selling custom t-shirts that can be printed with QR codes that then link to other apps on select platforms.

8 months ago

A new way of paying for groceries. Instead of swiping a credit card, shoppers use their phones to scan a QR code for payment and a receipt.

10 months ago

The startup is building a product that helps people pay for their next drink with a tap on a table or a QR code. The startup’s founder, Rajan Rajan, was the founder of the popular brunch spot, The Blind Barber.

13 days ago

A mobile application that can be used to get a QR code for your friend's email address in the event of an emergency. The startup is the first commercially available app for getting an email in an emergency.

11 months ago

A startup that wants to make it easier for business owners to use the same tools to run their business online as they do in the physical world. For example, users can use a smartphone camera to scan a QR code on a package and automatically get the package’s tracking info.

9 months ago

 A company that helps consumers book hotel rooms by scanning a QR code with their smartphone, and then using a mobile app to pay for it.

9 months ago

 A startup that wants to solve the problem of credit card fraud by using a smartphone to scan a QR code on a payment. The startup’s $10 app will then send a text to the cardholder, asking them to confirm the payment before it’s completed. The startup says that within the next 12 months it will have 100,000 users.

5 months ago

This is a “notary” app that combines a notary, a photo scanner, and a blockchain for improved security. The app leverages existing QR technology to give notaries a faster, more secure way to verify documents.

11 months ago

A company that helps manufacturers print their own labels that include QR codes.

10 months ago

A company building a lot of tags for IoT devices, including temperature sensors, temperature probes, humidity probes, GPS tags, NFC tags, RFID tags, and barcode and QR code tags.

3 months ago

 A tool for building data visualizations from your raw data in the form of charts, maps, and tables. PQR is currently available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

1 year ago

A blockchain-based platform for decentralized email, where it’s possible to do email transfer by scanning QR codes.

8 months ago

Using a phone, users can scan QR codes to send money to a friend who is in need.

4 months ago

A startup that generates a QR-coded payment processing and shipping label.

2 months ago

A startup that lets people order and pay for rides by scanning a QR code, with a $2 million seed round.

6 months ago

A digital payments app that allows users to pay merchants by scanning a QR code or scanning their phone at a point of sale.

3 months ago

A money transfer business that works through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. They also offer a QR scanner and a QR code generator.

2 years ago

A startup that sells a product where you can set your kids up with a set of flashcards, then the flash cards have a QR code on them and a camera sits in front of the flash card and when